We got this great thank you note from of our Terrific Kids parents, and we just had to share.









It reads:

“Dear Greenville Eastside Kiwanis,

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of attending Brushy Creek Elementary’s Terrific Kids program for my son Ryan, a kindergartner at the school.  Ryan has dived headfirst into kindergarten. He loves everything about the school, from learning how to read and write, to choosing what he will have for lunch each day.  I am so happy he is thriving and was happy to receive the email from his teacher a few weeks ago informing me of his selection for the Terrific Kids program. Though, as a parent new to the school, I didn’t fully understand the program.

During yesterday’s ceremony, as the program was explained, I don’t think I could have been more proud of my son and the good choices he is making so very early in his educational career.  So, I wanted to take a moment to thank the club for supporting the Terrific Kids program.

Part of what makes Brush Creek Elementary the great school it is is the support and involvement it receives from organizations like you.  Thank you very much for supporting the school and programs like Terrific Kids.  Your involvement makes a difference and is much appreciated.”