What a special Kiwanis Day on Friday, 10/30 —  two service projects within five hours of each other.

Special thanks to Grace (The Minion Storyteller), Scott S., Brandon, Kim C., and Tom C. who joined Lavonda and the crew at Small Impressions. We passed out about 70 treats bags for children ages 1-12.  We read stories to everyone and shared some Halloween stories. Scott even remembered his fraternity Halloween prank days.   The children were so well behaved!  I have never seen so many 3- and 4-year-olds be so still for a story in my life.

Later that day, Grace and Brandon did the doubleheader along with Brett, Scott, and Susan Grand at the Eastside YMCA Fall Festival.  We cooked well over 300 hot dogs in about a one hour window, and due to the “consummate salesman” Scott Grand we raised almost $200 for the Eliminate Project to end maternal and neonatal tetanus.  Brett did a great job of loading and unloading all the children on the hay ride until the very end.  Great job by everyone!